Charting Brighter Horizons for The Free Market

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Our Hedge Fund and Small Businesses

Our company performs equity trading and investing in our private hedge fund operated by CEO and Founder Christopher Nawojczyk. We also serve as an informative resource by providing education in entrepreneurship, personal finance, current events, and American heritage. Thus we share our journey building our subsidiary entrepreneurial ventures.

Chris is an entrepreneur whose enthusiasm to create companies centered on his gifts and talents stems from his desire to serve humanity and reach his fullest potential. Currently, BVC is a sole proprietorship enterprise with intent to expand to LLC, focused in the fields of financial education, Natural Law advocacy based on the ideologies of American heritage and constitutional law, yoga and wellness, along with pole fitness. Our sites and blogs can be found here.

Capitalism Through Meaningful Relationships

Our aim is to promote ethical, conscious capitalism based on libertarian principles. We believe in the power of the free market as the only source of wealth and prosperity. Government regulation only gets in the way of small businesses starting and industries thriving.

Therefore, our philosophy is based on building wealth in the marketplace through longstanding principles of entrepreneurship and investing. In a pure sense, capitalism is good and without moral flaw; it’s only when greed gets in the way that people are hurt and society goes downhill. Fairness exists where fair opportunity exists.

Market, Business and Economic Research

Bridgevenus Capital is a force of nature created by entrepreneur, investor and liberty advocate Chris Nawojczyk—keeping the American Dream alive! We trade equities to raise capital, build small businesses, and educate others to do the same.

Our company is founded on principles of individuality, personal sovereignty, personal stewardship, and sowing and reaping. There is nothing new under the sun and everything happens for a reason. We strive to research the latest market data and trends in business and finance: to grow our own brand, earn more profits, and help others do the same.

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