About Our Company

Prudence in Financial Stewardship

We are a capitalist enterprise focused on equity trading and investing via our private hedge fund along with small business creation via Founder and CEO Christopher S. Nawojczyk. Chris is an entrepreneur of web development, content creation, health and fitness, fife music, and financial management. He runs a private hedge fund (temporarily without clients) to raise capital to fund our companies. Chris invests in stocks, ETFs, commodities, and Forex currencies, in addition to operating his small businesses of the abovementioned sectors.

At present, the company serves as the parent enterprise for Chris Nawojczyk’s entrepreneurial ventures. In due time we plan gain corporation status with future goals to serve others through education and assistance for the betterment of economic growth, business success, and personal development.

We are anchored in old-fashioned, timeless ideologies of hard work, determination, perseverance, and sound education in financial management, personal stewardship, and character development. In addition to our products and services our company serves as a beacon of hope, knowledge, and wisdom to fuel volition toward economic growth, freedom and prosperity in both the United States and worldwide.

We stand on the longstanding proposition that gold is money, and has been since the beginnings of Sumerian civilization 5,000 years ago. Money, or currency, is nothing other than a medium of exchange. In other words it is only a means to an end. A robust and healthy society functions through the natural principles of human interaction. People exchange products and services to show appreciation and enjoy interconnectedness.

Thus in order for this process to work behavioral psychology requires a medium of exchange that can be dealt. Only a tangible, non-perishing unit of exchange will endure, which is where gold (and to a lesser extend, silver) comes into play.

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