Behavioral Economics

Behavioral Psychology and Economic Activity

I created Bridgeviking Capital as an informative resource to teach people to think for themselves about money, market activity, and investing. This is a place for people to learn and research the historical and current trends in the market. I focus on both U.S. and international economies because they affect each other to a lesser or greater extent. I have many visions for implementation on this site.

Among these include a blog to not only discuss recent economic events and statistical data on companies and Wall Street as a whole, but also to expose the lies and deceptions circulating among CNBC pundits, crypto-bugs, government politicians, and all those engorged in the realm of U.S. economic trust—that is, reliance on the fiat dollar. I am an advocate for a free market based on pure capitalist principles. I view gold and silver precious metals as hedges against inflation, and quite frankly—sound money. My mentor is Peter Schiff, CEO of Euro Pacific Capital. I also value the wisdom of Jim Rickards, Ron Paul, and Lew Rockwell, among others.

They have been for the past 5,000 years, and gold has a proven track record of being resistant to price fluctuations in “nothing-backed” fiat currency.

I will enjoy writing articles here on sound economic theory, relying heavily on the philosophy of Austrian economics. Nevertheless, sound economic theory is just common sense. Capitalism is the phenomenon of natural human behavior based on supply and demand. People have lives, and they make decisions based on their desires. Behavioral psychology can thus be used to determine reasons for why the market acts the way it does based on the circumstances.

*Please don’t confuse my occasional rhetoric as a mirror of a Fed chair during a press conference (pun intended).

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