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Wait Until Big Money Moves Into Gold and Silver

If you think the current spikes in precious metals are great, wait until institutional investors and hedge fund managers lay siege to the commodities market. Gold and silver will likely outperform this ever-weakening economy in the coming months.

By 0800 the Dow Jones Industrial Average plunged 333 points as trade tensions escalated, because tariffs took effect between China and the United States on September 1st. The market is long overdue for a recession. It’s been ten years now since the recovery in June of 2009. All analysts who are honest predict this recession to be far worse than what we saw in 2008.

Meanwhile, gold and silver prove to be the standard safe haven for preserving the store of value amidst a waning currency. Over the past few weeks gold hit all time highs in foreign markets. In the United States we are approaching the six-year highs we had during the QE inflationary period under President Obama.

President Donald Trump continues to brag about his “greatest economy,” but the August Manufacturing Index plummeted to 49.1, “unexpectedly,” making U.S. manufacturing the worse it’s been in 10 years since under Obama. Peter Schiff, CEO of Euro Pacific Capital weighed in this morning on Twitter.

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Peter Schiff: The Aug. ISM Mfg. Index “unexpectedly” plunged to 49.1, indicating contraction. U.S. manufacturing is now the weakest in 10 years. It’s weaker than it was when Obama was president. The Trump economy is all government and consumers spending borrowed money as industry collapses!

Amid this constant barrage of negative market statistics, along with a president spending trillions of government money by raising the deficit, I am very optimistic about gold and silver in the coming months, to include physical assets, ETFs, and mining stocks.

This morning on CNBC, some talking heads finally admitted that certain parts of the U.S. economy are already in recession, such as industrial sectors.

CNBC Pundit discusses the topic of recession in the U.S. economy.
CNBC Pundit discusses the topic of recession in the U.S. economy.

It’s only a matter of time until this phony economy built on debt will come crashing down. Markets will adjust to their true prices.

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