Quarter Hedge Capital is the parent company of the following subsidiary enterprises:

(1) Quarter Hedge Capital | Investing and trading in U.S. and international markets. We provide financial education, training in leadership and personal development, and knowledge on current events pertaining to the free market.

(2) Quarter Hedge Law | Advocacy campaign and Internet journal on current events, politics and American heritage. We uphold the longstanding values and ideologies that cultivate individual liberty, personal sovereignty, limited government, and free market capitalism. We fight to preserve the ideals that made the United States an exceptional nation in 1776. In addition we sell apparel and gear to enhance the quality of life and promote our cause.

(3) Yoga Stripped | A venture celebrating the ancient practice of kundalini-hatha yoga and explicit art. Christina is the main yogini featured along with other partners to invoke the goddess of creation to reach greater awareness, self-empowerment, greater health, and enlightenment.

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