Gold Soars as Dow Drops 800 Points in Worst Fall of 2019

Gold Price Live Chart

Today the Dow Industrial Average (DOW) Dropped to a low of 2,822.12 points from a record year high of 3,027.98 in June, 2019. This occurred as a result of the currency decline of China which took place in defense of Trump’s trade tariffs.

Dow plunges almost 900 points as trade war escalation with China pummels stock market

Investors dumped U.S. stocks in late afternoon trading Monday, interpreting a sharp decline in China’s currency as an escalation in the trade war between that country and Washington.

China allowed the yuan to drop to seven per U.S. dollar, an 11-year low and a politically sensitive level. A weaker Chinese currency can help boost that country’s exports by making them cheaper while hurting foreign competition.

Jim Cramer Weighs in on Today’s Panic

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