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Goldmoney© is an exceptional banking institution that offers competitive spreads for buying precious metals and foreign currencies. Purchase gold, silver, platinum and palladium along with forex currency, which can be securely stored at reputable vaults around the world, all controlled by your holding account.

Think of Goldmoney© as a high interest-accruing bank account that lets you deposit U.S. dollars—and earn decent yields by converting your fiat into precious metals and foreign currencies. Hence, whenever you want to liquidate your assets you can simply sell your metals or exchange currencies to withdraw as U.S. dollars (or other currencies) from your Goldmoney© account. You can also visit the actual vault where your holdings are stored and redeem them physically, or transfer your assets into physical bullion delivered to your door!

Goldmoney© is a groundbreaking organization that is revolutionizing the personal finance sector buy helping individuals protect the purchasing power of their fiat currency. Sign up today!

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*Bridgeviking Capital is an affiliate of Goldmoney© and receives commissions for signups to the institution. Chris Nawojczyk has a personal Goldmoney© holding which he recommends to all our clients.